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Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream

Exclusive Review by Team TDB

Polish GIRL In Pursuit of the English Dream

This unique, true story is a courageous book and unlike any other. Written by Monika Wisniewska as a memoir of her immigrant experiences in England, it is also a journey to self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Monika Wisniewska just like millions of other EU immigrants, in 2004 decided to search for a better life in the UK. She described her difficult beginnings and problems she was faced with from day one, right after she had arrived in the foreign land with only £100 in her pocket and one bag. She takes the reader on a true emotional rollercoaster, talking about her feelings as she moves on through life challenges and the different kinds of people she meets on her way, unexpectedly sent on her path as if it was a miracle.

But the story does not cover only one area of her life such as work, career and a settled place to live in England. It is most of all her journey to find true love through an unwavering desire to finally meet her soulmate. The author gave me an intimate insight into her partners and relationships, which failed for various reasons. Then, the author beautifully described the biggest and the most romantic love of her life which unfortunately left her life completely smashed in one moment, heartbroken, seriously ill with depression, with no job, no money, no place of her own and stuck in her home back in Poland. The author shared her feelings with dazzling, raw honesty which many could not even admit to, describing how she dealt with emotional pain, suffering and being on the verge of giving up on her life. But her courage, internal strength and determination to keep going, helped her with picking herself up and starting the life in England all over. But the questions that arose later: Was it worth it?’ also made me think of the current political situation that many EU immigrants are now faced with because of Brexit. There could not be a more current record of an immigrant’s life now who was so affected by this political chaos on many levels, including her love life.

The spiritual journey that I could follow, seeing how she evolved with each significant experience, was a unique description of the author’s desire to find peace within herself. Using her own example of life events, the author beautifully wrote about the different aspects of her spiritual evolution into a human being that ultimately found the sought-after love, peace, and happiness. She talked about her first experience of feeling unconditional love for herself and how that changed her life forever, leaving her more grateful, joyful, calm and living her life with a newfound purpose. Her pursuit of the ‘English Dream’ turned out to be her soul pursuit of ‘Enlightenment’, which I found not only surprising but also inspiring, wishing I could say about my life experiences the same.

Beautifully interwoven into different areas of her life, the plot will leave you wondering what is going to happen next, this memoir will inspire you to follow your own journey to self-discovery. It will force you to reflect on many areas of your life, including love life, and will evoke all possible feelings from love, sadness, anger, happiness, laughter and all the possible emotions a human being can experience. The effect this book had on me was certainly unexpected. It turned out to be a mirror of what resides in my soul. At least, that’s what happened with me. I laughed and I cried whilst reading it, feeling shivers down my spine because many experiences and feelings she had described, I could easily relate too. Her compassion and unconditional love for herself and the world was mind-blowing and very emotional, making me think about the book for many days after. But the question I have for you is: Are you ready to ask and then hear the answers to the most difficult questions about life? Or do you prefer to negate their existence and pretend they are not there, scared to see what an honest answer will bring? The choice is yours. I chose to hear them.

I have not read a memoir where the author can write about her own personal experiences of love and heartbreaks, not only with such unseen, deep honesty but also with such beautiful craftsmanship of words, which instantly transform the reader into over 50 locations around Europe, making all those places so easy to imagine that I felt as if I was there with her. At some points, the book felt like a novel, especially with the amount of intricate detail and depth that left me gasping from admiration, which in my opinion, makes it an even more unique piece of work where a memoir and a true story can also be seen at some points as a novel.

For me, ‘Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream’ is a true masterpiece of reflections on love and life, making me want to recommend it to everyone who is ready to set off on their own spiritual journey to find out more about their own soul together with one courageous, unique and life-loving Polish girl. I can guarantee that you will relate to at least one thing in her life story, if not a few. I wish there were more stories like this published which millions of people can so easily relate to. After all, the spiritual journey is what we are all here for. If we cannot evolve and learn from the past to have a better future, is life really worth living?

What else can I say?

Life truly writes the best, unexpected scenarios. I am so grateful I read ‘Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream’. Now it’s your turn. Just read it!

This debut memoir, ‘Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream’ receives a lot of appreciation from the readers around the world. It is available on Amazon: The Polish language version: ‘Polska Dziewczyna: W Pogoni ZaAngielskim Snem’ will be published in October 2018.

About Monika Wisniewska:

Monika Wisniewska was born in Grudziadz, Poland in 1979. She studied to be an English Teacher and received a Master’s Degree in EU Economic Relations. In December 2004, shortly after Poland entered the European Union, she travelled to England in search of a better life. She started working at the bottom of the career ladder but gradually progressed to senior level positions in global companies. In 2018, she wrote her memoir ‘Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream’, where she shared her experiences as a Polish immigrant in England and her reflections on different areas of life from her 13-year adventure, including friendships and love relationships that led her to a profound self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Monika Wisniewska often meets with her fans in Windsor, Berkshire:

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Journeys with Roy – New Zealand Blog Book Review


Polish Girl IN Pursuit of the English Dream

 Journeys with Roy- New Zealand Blog Book Review

Polish Girl In Pursuit of the English Dream by Monika Wisniewska.

I am the sort of traveller who chooses to have a good book within reach. On mega air journeys I prefer a good read rather than squint at an airline screen fixed to the seat in front. If the book is a “page turner’’ then all the better.  Polish Girl is one of those.

Monika Wisniewska has a master’s degree in EU Economic Relations. She is also an accomplished English speaker. So equipped, it should have been easy to find agreeable employment in one’s adopted country. For our heroine it was not. She gets menial employment at an airport restaurant. Management is not accommodating and work colleagues seemingly have few interests outside money and drinking parties. When homesick she wishes to visit her wonderful Mom in Poland. But her wages are insufficient to purchase the air ticket. Despite her feelings of angst threatening to break her spirit, she hangs in, finding better employment and comfortable lodgings. She is also keen to discover the perfect man to share her life with. She has several relationships. Some offer commendable highlights before turning to custard. So well does she pen her words, I am quickly discovering fault lines in some of her suiters.

Her story begins with the end of her most cherished relationship as her possessions are returned to Poland. The section is headed; “the path to paradise begins in hell,’’ a quote from Dante Alighieri. Sometime previously she meets John at dancing classes. Things begin well but he is struggling with a messy divorce that appears to have no settlement. I get an inkling John is not being as honest as he should be. He is well-moneyed but losing much of it to the demands of his estranged wife and their son.

When John gets new employment he has Monika move with him to a villa near Amsterdam. It promises to be the beginnings of a new life but while John enjoys many business trips, Monika is left at home. She fills her time keeping the villa looking perfect for John’s infrequent homecomings. She asks herself, how many times she needs to clean the same windows. John has promised to help her find employment but continually reneges. This understandably does not suit our well-qualified outgoing Monika.

Eventually Monika gives John the ultimatum to exclusively commit his life to her. He opts out reciting vague unconvincing reasons.  Monika finds solace in an ability to love herself and her own company.

The English dream is finally derailed with Brexit. The vote was partly a racist one wishing to curtail the free movement of people between EU countries. (Blog writer’s opinion.) Monika discovers an unfriendly attitude from some former colleagues.

Polish Girl is Wisniewska’s first book. She published it herself, presumably via Amazon. It is available as an e-book or paperback. It is recommended. A delightful “page turner.’’ In my dreams I am likely to wish I had met a Monika Wisniewska in my younger life and offered the perfect relationship. I say “in my dreams’’ as my track record has, sadly, had flaws.

Polish Girl storytelling allows the reader to be occasionally intrigued by snippets of Polish life and culture.

If Wisniewska is an upcoming Polish woman writer, she is not alone. Another Polish woman, Olga Tokarczuk, has written a book Flights.  It was the winner of the 2018 Booker Prize.

Maybe something wonderful happens when a Polish girl empties her mind with pen and paper. Or, more correctly, with fingers dancing on a keyboard.

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